Pay Per Click Management


PPC management plays a significant role in driving traffic to a website. But what should be the right method? What should be the right budget? All these concerns can be answered by the team of such expertise. Mirum Media is that team using paid search marketing tools, to lift up your brand atop the pages of search engine and make it visible to all those who are searching for the products and service you provide. Being one of the best PPC management company in Canada, we make sure that our clients get the complete visibility through this tool and get the value for their money.


Paid Search Advertising

Paid Search Advertising

We can assist you to make sure that your business would generate a positive ROI through paid search advertising.



We operate PPC remarketing campaigns through Google Adwords and Facebook besides YouTube using video adverts, to increase conversions on their site.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads

The Bing platform enables advertisers to display search adverts on Bing and Yahoo for increasing exposure online.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising

At Mirum Media, we will find out the better digital marketing strategy and also the placements which result in the best engagement and conversions.


Google Shopping

We have a lot of involvement with all types of e-commerce clients, from raising feeds to promotions. We are always ready to take off the weight from your shoulders.


Amazon Sponsored Ads

We support you to select the products you wish to advertise from your store, research and identify the most appropriate keywords and product types


App Advertising | Pay Per Install

At Mirum Media, we could select websites or other apps that are related to your target audience and show adverts which have a call to action to install.


PPC Audit

We will observe your current PPC setup and figured out where improvements can be made to make assure you are spending your budget effectively.


PPC For Start-ups

We can well understand the difficulties that you will face and we can help you to make the right decisions.


Charity PPC

Mirum Media helped lots of charitable organization to attain Ad Grants and manage them on their behalf.


Multilingual PPC

We assure that multilingual PPC is made easy for our clients as it’s important that the right terminology is used for keywords and ad copy.


YouTube True View Advertising

Our experience has shown us that YouTube advert can drive a huge amount of views and lead to the success of many business goals.